NRS 427VN Topic 5 Assignment, Community Teaching Plan-Elder Abuse


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NRS 427VN Topic 5 Assignment 3, Community Teaching Plan Teaching Experience Paper (Elder Abuse)

Today’s society tends to care about people who are not able to stand for themselves. It appeals to healthcare, underlying the most critical issues that seemed to be unnoticed several years ago. Elder abuse is one of them. Its main threat lies in the fact that many representatives of the general public do not even notice that this problem exists and leave it without attention. Still, it is crucial for both elderly population and caregivers to be aware of this issue. They should know how to act if they evidence or experience abuse, as every person deserves protection from harm (American Psychological Association, 2006).

This paper provides a detailed report about a teaching experience related to elder abuse. It includes a summary of the teaching plan and epidemiological rationale for the topic. It also covers evaluation of teaching experience, the response of the community, and the analysis and assessment of the teaching plan…………Continued (08 Pages with References)

nrs 427vn topic 5nrs 427vn topic 5