NRS 427VN Topic 2 Benchmark, Epidemiology Paper – Influenza


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NRS 427VN Week 2 Benchmark Assignment, Epidemiology Paper – Influenza

When dealing with epidemiology and communicable diseases, before understanding the diseases themselves it is highly important to be aware of the Communicable Disease Chain and how these diseases are transferred.  A Communicable Disease Chain consists of 6 categories.  These are an agent, a reservoir, a portal of exit, mode of transmission, portal of entry, and a susceptible host.  This is a continuous cycle and hence a chain of events that must happen. 

A highly contagious and highly …..disease that is always a virulent topic each year is influenza. Influenza is a virus agent which uses us humans as its reservoir.  It uses the respiratory system as its portal of exit, through secretions or droplets when sneezed or coughed.  The portal of entry is the same respiratory system and susceptibility depends on individual defense mechanisms, immunizations and hand health along with precautions in relations to those infected.  As a nurse there are many ways in which for us to break a link within the ……………Continued (09 Pages with References)nrs 427vn week 2