NR 602 Week 7 Clinical Case Presentation, Summary, Women’s Health


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NR 602 Week 7 Clinical Case Presentation

The purpose of this assignment is for learners to:

  • Have the opportunity to integrate knowledge and skills learned throughout all core courses in the FNP track and previous clinical courses.
  • Demonstrate an advancing understanding of the care of women and children.
  • … the ability to analyze previous patients seen in the clinical setting. Able to perform an evidenced-based review of their case, diagnosis & plan, while guiding & taking feedback from peers regarding the case
  • Demonstrate professional communication and leadership, while advancing the education of peers.

Course Outcomes

  1. Integrate current evidence based clinical practice guidelines in the care of childbearing and child rearing families.
  2. Appropriately apply anticipatory guidance and health promotion in the care of childbearing and childrearing families.
  3. Assess growth and developmental milestones in the care of childbearing and childrearing families.
  4. Construct an evidence based reproductive health management plan.
  5. Identify and address healthcare needs of marginalized childbearing and child rearing families


For Weeks 3 and 7 of the course you will be presenting your own case from clinical. The case should … clear, organized, and meet the following guidelines

NR 602 Week 7 Initial Case Presentation:

The initial presentation should include BOTH the subjective and objective data on the patient organized as you would organize them in a SOAP (CC, HPI – in paragraph format (no OLDCART); ROS, PE findings, three (3) differential diagnoses with rationale and in-text citation of scholarly source(s) used as support and Two (2) questions for your peers to address. **Do not put the diagnosis or plan in initial post.

NR 602 WEEK 7: The case should be women’s health (meaning a case relating to some aspect of women’s healthcare, unique to women). By now, with two full courses and almost all of this course under your belt you should have seen a women’s health patient at some time.


  1. What is a first-line management strategy for mastitis?
  2. When should a specimen of breast milk … sent for a culture?

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