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NR 552 Week 6 Assignment, Healthcare Topic Debate PowerPoint Presentation

NR-552 Week 6 Discussion, Caring and Cost Efficient Nursing
After reading the article: Cara, C. M., Nyberg, J. J., & Brousseau, S. (2011). Fostering the coexistence of caring philosophy and economics in today’s healthcare system. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 35(1), 6-14.
Propose a caring behavior or policy you would like to initiate in your workplace. Describe how this caring behavior would impact nursing satisfaction, patient outcomes, and healthcare costs.

NR 552 Week 6 Discussion, Nurse Staffing and Quality of Care
The Emergency department normally experiences a surge in the number of patients. The clinical stability of patients varies considerably. To provide optimal care for patients a more flexible and responsive staffing pattern is required. In delivering high-quality and timely care in the Emergency Department, correct staffing is essential. A combination of the increased number of patients and shortage of nurses in the Emergency Department has resulted in the formulation of a number of staffing models (Gedmintas et al., 2010).nr 552 week 6