NR 552 Week 4 Assignment, Healthcare Insurance Comparison Paper


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NR 552 Week 4 Assignment, Tertiary Care Funding through Medicare and Preferred Provider Organizations

Payment models are largely ….to the agreements between healthcare providers and payers. Actual patients are paying little role in how medical services are structurally funded.  Through Medicare, the government has more unilateral control over the pricing of services and the payment methods available.  Typically, the payment model agreements reached between private insurers and providers mimic those reached between Medicare and providers.  However, private insurance in a system that involves a large payer such as Medicare tends to increase dramatically in cost with less control over cost agreements.  With patients removed from the cost of the medical services they take advantage of, costs have risen considerably.  With a PPO plan, a person has the freedom to choose the providers of their tertiary care absent any need for referral from a primary care physician…………………….Continued (10 Pages with References)

nr 552 week 4 assignmentnr 552 week 4 assignment