NR 552 Economics of Healthcare Policy Week 1 to 8 – Entire


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NR 552 Week 1 Discussion, Macroeconomics National Health and Wealth
NR552 Week 1 Discussion, Nurses Supply and Demand

NR 552 Week 2 Assignment: Environmental and Social Impact Paper – Lead Exposure
NR_552 Week 2 Discussion, Environment and Healthy Lifestyle
NR552 Week 2 Discussion, Policies for Public Good

NR 552 Week 3 Discussion, Externalities of Public Services
NR552 Week 3 Discussion, Select Patient Paid Services

NR552 Week 4 Assignment, Healthcare Insurance Comparison Paper – Medicare Vs PPO Payment Models
NR_552 Week 4 Discussion, Medicare – Medicaid Payment
NR552 Week 4 Discussion, Paying for Medical Services

NR552 Week 5 Discussion, Funding for Global Health
NR_552 Week 5 Discussion, Medical Tourism

NR552 Week 6 Assignment, Healthcare Topic Debate PowerPoint – Free Market Healthcare Presentation
NR_552 Week 6 Discussion, Caring and Cost Efficient Nursing
NR552 Week 6 Discussion, Nurse Staffing and Quality of Care

NR552 Week 7 Discussion, Cost-Effective Analysis

NR_552 Week 8 Discussion, Influencing Policy through Healthcare Economicsnr 552 entire course