NR 505 Week 8 Assignment and Discussion – Complete


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NR 505 Week 8 Assignment, Professional Presentation of Project

NR 505 Week 8 Discussion, Future Use of Evidence-Based Practice
You are a nurse leader in your future advanced practice track-based setting. You notice that although nurses say they use evidence-based practice (EBP), you find very few examples of this. As the leader, you decide to develop an environment that fosters EBP. Please respond to each of the following topics.

  • How would you role model EBP in your future advanced practice setting? Be specific.
  • How would you foster an organizational culture that promotes EBP? How would you promote EBP throughout the entire organization?
  • You have one staff member who constantly says, “We have never done it this way—why change?” What actions would you take to change him or her from a distracted to a promoter of EBP?nr 509 week 8