NR 505 Week 6 Assignment, Completing the MSN EBP Practice Proposal


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NR 505 Week 6 Assignment, Completing the MSN EBP Practice Proposal

Nursing research has provided significant knowledge to the nursing practice. It has shaped health care and positively impacted the health of people all over the world by promoting health and healthy lifestyles and by advancing health care quality. Today’s complex health problems require a multiple discipline approach. One of these health problems is the use of opioids to manage chronic pain. Family nurse practitioners will frequently encounter patients who are experiencing acute and or chronic pain. They are required to address this issue. The epidemic of opioid use and overdoses, practitioners are looking for alternatives for managing pain.

This public health crisis has motived this writer to research the effects physical therapy has on patient’s who experience chronic pain. He did this research In the hope of discovering that prescription pain medication can be reduced. It is necessary that all efforts are ….to seek alternative options for pain management to increase patient’s functional ability, reduce pain, and improve outcomes. This paper will discuss research and evidence-based practice. It will identify a nursing concern, review PICOT/PICo questions, theoretical framework of evidence-based proposal. It will also review research literature, research approach, design, sampling, and proposed implementation with a change model…………..Continued (28 Pages with References)

nr 505 week 6 assignmentnr 505 week 6