NR 505 Week 5, Data Collection, Methodology & Analysis-Type 2 Diabetes


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NR 505 Week 5 Assignment, Data Collection, Methodology and Analysis (Type 2 Diabetes)

The PICOT question for the current research is: Do the adults patient with type 2 diabetes, who follow a low carbohydrate diet have decreased hemoglobin A1c in blood glucose level as measured in 3 months in contrast to those, who do not follow any dietary intervention or modification? The systematic review of the empirical studies provides evidence that the low carbohydrate diet is effectively … the patients with diabetes 2 type as a complementary therapy to insulin injections. In addition, it is a healthy choice for the weight loss among the patients with diabetes 2 type. Although the best diet for the type 2 diabetes is not ….. Numerous researches prove the benefits of the previously mentioned one for different groups of patients…………..Continued (18 Pages with References)

nr 505 week 5nr 505 week 5