NR 505 Week 4 Research Literature, Framework, Design and Sampling


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NR 505 Week 4 Assignment, Research, Framework, Design and Sampling

This assignment provides the opportunity for the student to continue development of a MSN EBP scholarly project that started with the identification of a nursing issue and PICOT/PICo question. The focus of this assignment is to discuss the research literature support. Identify an appropriate research design approach and sampling method.
Students are to attach this completed assignment to their previous assignment from Week 2 by removing the conclusion from the first assignment and add the new information to the same document; using the headings indicated below. Students are to have revised the previous assignment from Week 2 based on faculty feedback for this presentation.

Description of the Assignment

This continues the development of a MSN EBP scholarly project by requiring the student to identify the additional elements of the process.  The required elements are:

  1. Assignment Revision: Refinement of Nursing Issue Into Research (Week Two Assignment)
  2. Research Literature Support
  3. Theoretical Framework and Change Model
  4. Research Approach/design
  5. Sampling



Health Care Disparities

Psychotherapy-Aided Psychotherapy

nr 505 week 4nr 505 week 4