NR 505 Week 2 Refinement of Nursing Issue Research (Renal Disease)


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NR 505 Week 2 Assignment, Refinement of Nursing Issue into Research (End Stage Renal Disease)

This research project will focus on patients with End Stage Renal Disease. educating patients on important of fluid restriction and management to decrease hospital readmission for CHF related to intradialytic weight gains. Understanding the relationship between research and evidence-based practice is essential. Research is a systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources to establish facts and get knowledge. In scientific research, researchers predict a  hypothesis which is the relationship between two or more variables (Cherry, 2018). Analysis enables scientist to investigate new knowledge systemically by using scientific reasoning. Evidence-based practice is an interdisciplinary approach to clinical practice which research and clinical  expertise is part of the approach to establish. The critical aspect of EBP is to identify each patient’s unique health state, diagnosis, risks and benefits of potential interventions. Client preferences and values………………Continued (09 Pages with References)nr 505 week 2

nr 505 week 2 assignment