NR 505 Week 2, Refinement of Nursing Issue Into Research (Vaccination)


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NR 505 Week 2 Assignment, Refinement of Nursing Issue Into Research

This assignment provides the opportunity for the student to continue work on a previously identified area or phenomenon of interest. This work is expanded into selected elements of the evidence-based practice process including development of the PICOT question and identification of evidence related to topic. This assignment becomes the framework for the project proposal due at the end of the course. Students begin writing the proposal with this assignment and add to this work throughout the course. (Note that all faculty feedback and corrections are to be completed prior to re-submission of additional sections in the following weeks).

Description of the Assignment
This assignment builds on the identification of a nursing issue from NR 500 and the application of a nursing theory to the selected issue from NR 501. For this course, the selected issue and nursing theory serve as the foundation to the identification of PICOT/PICo. 

Criteria for Content

  1. Overview of Selected Evidenced-based Practice Project: This section provides an opening to your MSN EBP scholarly project.  It should contain the following elements:
  2. Application to selected MSN Program Specialty Track: This section provides a comprehensive discussion of how the selected nursing issue impacts the student’s MSN specialty track.
  3. Nursing issue and supportive evidence regarding the issue: This section provides a thorough discussion of the selected nursing issue.  It also cites relevant supportive scholarly evidence regarding the selected issue.   Included in this section will be:
  4. Evidence-based practice question:
  5. Conclusion:

(Topic: Child Vaccination)

nr 505 week 2nr 505 week 2