NR 505 Discussion Question Week 1 to 8


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NR 505 Week 1 Discussion, Identification of Area of Interest

(Two Responses – Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers HAPU, Vaccinations)

NR505 Week 2 Discussion, PICOT/PICo and Practice Questions

(Two Responses – HAPU, Vaccination)

NR 505 Week 3 Discussion, Elements of Quantitative Research Design & Sampling

NR505 Week 4 Discussion, Qualitative Design and Sampling

(Two Responses)

NR 505 Week 5 Discussion, Data Collection

(Two Responses -Vaccinations, Psychedelic-Aided Psychotherapy)

NR505 Week 6 Discussion, Statistical and Clinical Significance

NR 505 Week 7 Discussion, Exploring Research Results

NR505 Week 8 Discussion, Future Use of Evidence-Based Practicenr 505 discussion

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