NR 503 Week 1 Assignment, Healthy People 2020 Impact (Heart Disease)


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NR 503 Week 1 Assignment, Healthy People 2020 Impact (Heart Disease)

Criteria for Content Select a topic of interest from Healthy People 2020. Provide an overview of the topic along with the Healthy People 2020 goal for the problem. Identify a program aimed at reducing morbidity and mortality for that problem on a city, county, or statewide level. In a one to two page summary, address the following. a. Identify the problem b. Provide an overview of the problem c. Review of epidemiologic and demographic data on mortality/morbidity and risk d. Present the goals and objectives of Healthy People 2020 e. Discuss identified program plan including activities and implementation strategies

Submission Requirements:

  1. Application: Use Microsoft Word 2013™ to create the written assessment.
  2. Length: The paper (excluding the title page and reference page) is a maximum two pages.
  3. A minimum of three (3)scholarly literature references must be used. Best Practices in Preparing the Projectnr 503 week 1