NR 503 Final Exam Week 8 – Question and Answers


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NR 503 Final Exam with Answers

  1. How might a nurse practitioner participate in local efforts to reduce infant mortality rates?
  2. How does the ANA Code of Ethics relate to health policy?
  3. As a nurse practitioner, you must understand the concept of “risk” and the ways it is expressed.  Which term below are used to assess the strength of association between risk factor and outcome?
  4. How can you better advocate for minority groups who have poorer health outcomes?
  5. Why is the field of Genomics critical to population health?  Select all that apply.
  6. HP2020 defines health disparity as a health difference linked with social, economic, or environmental disadvantage.  As a nurse practitioner, how might you assess for these disadvantaged categories in your practice? 
  7. What strategies can the provider integrate into their practice to address racial and ethnic disparities?  Select all that apply.
  8. According to HP2020, which of the following are considered determinants of health?  Choose all that apply. 
  9. Which of the following does HP2020 state as a genomic objective specifically related to risk assessment?
  10. You work in a practice providing care to migrant farmworkers.  In order to provide the culturally congruent health care you:
  11. HP2020 indicates that genetic tests have the potential to inform health care in which of the following ways? 
  12. How does the World Health Organization define a pandemic? 
  13. In the article by Angelini (2017), which of the following is stated as a potential health impact of climate change? Select all that apply.
  14. You are preparing for an interprofessional health mission to a developing region of the world.  Which of the following would you research to understand the health status of the population?
  15. In the article by Xue & Intrator (2016), how are vulnerable populations described? 
  16. The Epidemiological Triangle is a method used to explain causation.  Where does genetics belong within the Triangle?
  17. Which of the following interventions are included in the Action Model to Achieve Healthy People2020?  Select all that apply.
  18. When integrating the field of genomics into health care, the provider would nr 503 final exam
  19. The World Health Organization began in 1948.  What day now celebrates this date?
  20. Which of the following would be appropriate to integrate in order to provide culturally competent care?