NR 503 Final Exam Study Guide, Definitions


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NR 503 Study Guide for Final Exam (TWO VERSIONS)

  1. Objectives of epidemiology
  2. Define, compare, calculate, and interpret Measures of Morbidity
  3. Understand why incidence data are important for measuring risk.
  4. Define, compare, calculate, and interpret Measures of Mortality
  5. Assess the Validity and Reliability of Diagnostic and Screening Tests
  6. Epidemiologic transition
  7. Study designs (case-control, cross sectional, prospective and retrospective cohort, clinical trial)
  8. Causal Inferences
  9. Understand the guidelines for determining if an observed association is causal (Bradford-Hill criterion)
  10. Estimating Risks (risk measures)
  11. Attributable Risk
  12. Randomized trials
  13. Evaluating Screening Programs
  14. Considerations when evaluating individual data
  15. Calculations and interpretationsnr 503 final exam