NR 394 Week 4 Course Project Milestone 2, Transcultural Assessment


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NR 394 Week 4 Course Project Milestone 2, Transcultural Assessment Guide and Question

  1. State the proposed date of the assessment which should not occur until after Friday of Week 5. Describe the location of the assessment and how privacy/confidentiality will be maintained.Be specific.(20 points)
  2. Describe the process you will use for documenting your assessment and what steps you will take to ensure its accuracy. For example, do you plan to take notes and then ask the subject for verification, or do you plan to record the assessment in audio or video and then transcribe it?Be specific.(14 points)
  3. Identify five (5) categories from Appendix A in your text from which you would like to develop primary (and follow-up) questions for your assessment. The categories from which you may choose include: Type the names of the five categories you have chosen in the table below in the column marked “Categories.”
  4. Develop one open-ended primary question for each of the five categories. Please note that the questions should be in your own words and designed to elicit meaningful responses. Use the table to type each question next to its corresponding category. (60 points)
  5. Develop two open-ended follow-up questions for each primary question. Type these next to the corresponding primary questions.Formulate questions that your individual will understand. Avoid “medical/nursing jargon.”(40 points)
  6. Indicate reasons for asking specific questions that relate to culture of origin and healthcare experiences. (50 points)

NR 394 Week 4 Course Project