NR 361 Week 2 Course Project Milestone 1


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NR 361 Week 2 Course Project Milestone 1 (Erica James)

NR 361 Week 2 Course Project Milestone 2 (Ronald Rodrigues)

Scenario for Milestone AssignmentScenario is clear and concise, including a disease process, diagnosis, OR identify a patient with a desire to maintain good health and prevent illness. Include the nurse’s assessment of learning needs and readiness to learn.

50 points

EducationDescribe in detail content planned for teaching this patient in the scenario. 40 points

Identify the mHealth applicationIdentify a mHealth app that could benefit the patient. Describe the app including the mHealth app name, purpose, intended audience, mobile device(s) upon which it will operate, where to download or obtain it. Include a working link if it is to be downloaded from a website.  Add any other information you believe would be pertinent to this situation.  Make sure to add a citation for this mHealth app in APA format. 45 points