NR 351 Week 5 Discussion Question with Answers


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NR 351 Week 5 Discussion, Leadership to Improve Quality in Diverse Situations

Nurses demonstrate leadership in many situations. For this discussion, identify only one situation from the choices below that you have not previously experienced, and tell us how the nurse could improve quality through demonstrating leadership.

  • Communicating with legislators to influence health policy
  • Clinical leadership at the bedside
  • Nursing management of units or facilities
  • Impact of systems-based practice on leadership

NR 351 Week 5 Discussion, Using Evidence-Based Practice to Improve Patient Care

Select a challenging nursing care issue (examples include falls, medication errors, pressure ulcers, and other clinical issues that can be improved by evidence in nursing). Do not select a medical issue (disease, medical treatment). Do not select a workforce issue (staffing, call-offs, nurse to patient ratios). Explain the following for the selected clinical issue.State the issue.

  • Explain the process you would use to search CINAHL for evidence. Include your search terms.