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NR 351 Week 2 Assignment, iCare Self Assessment

NR351 Week 2 Assignment, Time Management Plan

NR351 Week 2 Discussion 1, Inter-professional Collaboration Strategies

In today’s changing healthcare environment, it is more important than ever for professional nurses to be ….in collaborating with professionals from other healthcare disciplines. What communication strategies can professional nurses use to specifically promote collaboration with other healthcare disciplines and professionals?

As a nurse leader, what changes will you suggest be made in your work environment to bring about a ‘just’ culture where trust and respect abound? What communication skills will you reinforce. Or acquire to assure you can communicate effectively and efficiently about and with the patient?

NR 351 Week 2 Discussion 2, iCARE Self Assessment

Share details about one area from the iCARE Self-Assessment 1. Where you have significant opportunity for improvement during your BSN program. How will you work to improve your own professionalism in this area?

Share details about how you would like your instructors to demonstrate care for students while you are in your BSN program.