NR 305 Week 2 Assignment, Family Genetic History Form (03 Sets)


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NR 305 Week 2 Assignment: This assignment is to help you gain insight regarding the influence of genetics on an individual’s health and risk for disease. You are to obtain a family genetic history on a willing, non related, adult participant.

  1. Family Genetic History: Develop a family genetic history that includes, at a minimum, three generations of your chosen adult’s family. Including grandparents, parents, and the adult’s generation. If the adult has any children, include them as the fourth generation. 
  2. Evaluation of family genetic history: Evaluate the impact of the family’s genetic history on your adult participant’s health. For example, if the adult participant’s mother and both sisters have diabetes, hypertension, or cancer. What might that mean for the adult participant’s future health?
  3. Planning for future wellness: Plan changes based on the evaluation of the adult participant’s family’s health history that will promote an optimal level of wellness both now and in the future. Include what information you would provide to the adult participant regarding the results of the family genetic history.

nr 305 week 2 assignment