NETW 583 Week 7 Course Projects, Discussion Question 1 and 2


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NETW 583 Week 7 Course Project – Alibaba

NETW583 Week 7 Course project – Best Buy

NETW583 Week 7 Course Project – Microsoft

NETW 583 Week 7 Course Project – Strategy – Tech Food


NETW583 Week 7 Discussion 1, Development Strategies Using Diverse Teams

How can managers ensure that a team reaps the benefits of diversity while not being thwarted by some of the challenges that diversity raises?

NETW583 Week 7 Discussion 2, Pricing Strategy

Identify one or more circumstances when a company might wish to delay introducing its product. Use an example of a product that will you may have used overtime, such as the iPhone, and comment on the firm’s market strategies especially regarding pricing.netw 583 week 7