NBST 520 Exam 2 with Answers (100/100 Points)


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NBST 520 Exam 2 Summer Term LUO (100 out of 100 points )

  1. According to Elwell, Paul’s belief in a personal, powerful, malevolent being (the Devil or Satan), as well as his subservient underlings, both human and angelic, is an important feature of his outlook.
  2. According to the presentations, the churches Paul established typically met in large buildings constructed for that purpose, similar to the way churches meet today.
  3. In Lystra (Acts 14), Paul and Barnabas were confused with the Greek gods Poseidon and Ares.
  4. The patron goddess of Ephesus was
  5. The historical account of the founding of the church in Thessalonica is contained in Acts 17 and tells of Paul’s visit there on which of his journeys?
  6. According to the presentations, Paul wrote his missives on leather made from skins of animals.
  7. According to Elwell, Paul’s longest-known continuous ministry in one location was at
  8. According to Elwell, the metaphor Paul uses to denote the social reality of the church is “body.”
  9. According to Acts, when in Ephesus, Paul met some disciples of John.
  10. According to Elwell, Paul had to endure brutal conditions during his imprisonment in Rome.
  11. According to Elwell, Paul believed that the Old Testament, as expressive of the God of all, is binding on everyone.
  12. According to Elwell, Paul’s trademark phrase, “in Christ,” primarily refers to the unity and interdependence of believers.
  13. According to Elwell, all Jews in the first century, including those who followed Jesus as the Christ, believed that salvation was attained through a mixture of faith and human merit.
  14. According to the presentations, Paul’s missionary strategy appears to have been focused on Gentile urban dwellers.
  15. According to the presentations, Paul supported himself by working as a fisherman.
  16. According to the presentations, Paul’s metanarrative behind his letters is most frequently thought of as his Christology.
  17. According to Elwell, Barnabas was from
  18. According to the presentations, “metanarrative” means the “deep structure story” both behind and beyond the surface story.
  19. According to the presentations, Paul’s letters followed the form and style of the day.
  20. According to the presentations, the conflict in which Paul and his congregants are engaged is chiefly an individual, inner, spiritual battle with evil