MN 551 Unit 2 Quiz – Question and Answers


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MN 551 Unit 2 Quiz – Question and Answers

  1. Which of the following patients is most likely to benefit from transportation of thymic tissue or major histocompatibility complex ( MHC) – compatible bone marrow?
  2. As part of his diagnostic workup, a 77 yo man nurse practitioner has ordered blood work that includes ferritin levels. The man is very interest in the details of his health care is unfamiliar with ferritin and it’s role. Which of the following explanations by the nurse practitioner is most accurate?
  3. The blood work of a 44 yo male with a diagnosis of liver disease secondary to alcohol abuse indicates low levels of albumin. Which of the following phenomena would a clinician be most justified in anticipating?
  4. A 14 yo boy has been diagnose with infectious Mono. Which of the following pathophysiological phenomena is most responsible for his symptoms?
  5. Which of the following phenome would be least likely to result in activation of the complement system?
  6. Following a course of the measles a 5yo girl develop scatter bruising over numerous body surfaces and was diagnosed with immune thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP). Diagnostic workup, blood work was performed. Which results is most likely to be consider unexpected by the health care team?
  7. A patient presented to the ED with a swollen, reddened, painful leg wound , diagnosed with MRSA cellulitis. The nurse practitioner ordered a CBC and white cell diff. Which of the following blood components would the nurse anticipate to be elevated?
  8. A nurse practitioner is explaining to a 40 yo male pt the damage that Mycobacterium tuberculosis could do to lung tissue. Which of the following phenomena would underlie the NP explanation?
  9. A 29 yo construction worker got silver under his fingernail 4 days ago.
  10. The affect finger is reddened, painful, swollen, and warm. Which of the following hematological processes is most likely occurring in response to the infection?
  11. Which of the following patients would the student recognize as being least likely to have a diagnosis of antiphospholipid syndrome in his or her medical historory?
  12. A couple who are expect their first child have been advise by friends to consider harvesting umbilical cord blood in order to have a future source of stem cells. The couple have approached their NP with this request and are seeking clarification of exactly why stem cells are valuable. How can the nurse practitioner best respond to the couple’s inquiry?
  13. A 16 yo female has been brought to her primary NP by her mother due to perisist sore throat and malaise. Which of the following facts revealed in the girl history and exam would lead the NP to r/o infectious mono?
  14. A 60 yo woman is suspect of having non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). Which of the following aspects of her condition would help to r/o Hodgkin lymphoma? 14. A NP is providing prenatal care and eduction for a first-time expectant mother, 22 wks gest, who has a diagnosis of a STD. Which of the following statements by the expectant mother demonstrates an adequate understanding of vertical disease transmission and congenital infections?
  15. A 71 yo male pt w/ a hx of MI and peripheral vascular disease has been … his NP to begin taking 81 mg of ASP once daily. Which of the underlying rationale for the NP suggestion?
  16. Which of the following statements most accurately conveys an aspect of lymphatic system activity? mn 551 unit 2 quiz
  17. A 23 yo man has received a recent dx of appendicitis following 24 hrs of acute abd pain. The NP providing care for the man is explaining that while it is unpleasant.
  18. The inflammation of his appendix is playing a role in his body’s fight against the underlying infectious process. Which of the following teaching points should the NP eliminate from his teaching for the patient?
  19. A 66yo female pt has presented to the ED w/ several months of intermittently bloody stools that has recently become worse.
  20. The woman has since been diagnose w/ a GI bleed secondary to overuse of NSAIDs that she takes for her arthritis. The health care team would realize that which of the following situations is most likely?
  21. A 40 yo woman experience severe seasonal allergies has been … her family physician to an allergist for weekly allergy injections.
  22. The woman is confuse as to why repeated exposure to substances that set off her allergies would ultimately benefit her.
  23. Which of the following phenomena best captures the rationale for allergy desensitization therapy? mn 551 unit 2 quiz
  24. A 44 yo female patient present to the ED with abnormal bleeding and abd pain that is later … gallbladder disease.
  25. Which of the following diagnoses would the medical team be most justified in suspecting as a caus of the patient’s bleeding?
  26. A NP is teaching her colleagues about the role of cytokines in a variety of pathologies.
  27. Which of the following teaching points best captures an aspect of the functions and nature of cytokines?
  28. A 24 yo woman presents with fever and painful, swollen cervical lymph nodes. Her blood work indicates neutrophilia with a shift to the left. She most likely has:
  29. A tourist presented to a primary care health clinic complaining of malaise, fever, and headache. She has been diagnose with Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, a pathology cause by Rickettsiaceae. Which of the following statements best captures a characteristic trait of Rickettsiaceae?
  30. A 22 yo female who adheres to a vegen diet has been diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia. Which of the following componets of her diagnostic blood work would be most likely to necessitate further investigation?
  31. Sputum samples from a pt with pneumonia contain an infective agent that has a peptidoglycan cell wall. mn 551 unit 2 quiz
  32. Expresses endotoxins, replicates readily in broth and on agar, grows in clusters, has pili, and does not stain when exposed to crystal violet. This pneumonia is most likely

MN 551 Quiz 2