MKT 578 Final Exam


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MKT 575 Final Exam

  1. Archaeologists inform us that public relations has roots in
  2. The word propaganda originated with
  3. The growth of public relations as an accepted business-like practice in the United States of America stems from
  4. Applying the widely repeated definition of public relations developed by the late Denny Griswold to serve an organization properly, practitioners ought to serve as
  5. To effectively communicate with a public, it is important to recognize that
  6. If you target “experiences,” you’re likely using ________ to segment a public.
  7. Employees would trust management more if they
  8. One major reason to do an in-depth interview of top management and communicators before designing an effective employee communications program is to
  9. As arbiters of communications in organizations, it’s been the charge of public relations people since the 1960s to
  10. A typical goal of consumer relations is to keep former customers because
  11. How does advice to clients from lawyers differ from advice given to clients by public relations practitioners?
  12. Litigation public relations can best be defined as
  13. An organization’s social responsibility image is often determined by
  14. The success of public relations in the 21st century is likely to depend heavily on
  15. Reasons why print media are number one with public relations professionals include
  16. Since the end of the 1990s, magazine readership
  17. Which of the following is good advice for public relations people who want to know how to deal effectively and ethically with people representing the various types of media?
  18. To achieve placement of a written release, which of the following should you avoid?
  19. The use of video news releases has been criticized for
  20. Like corporate public interest advertising, the public service announcement (PSA) is aimed at providing an important message. However, a key distinction is that the PSA
  21. A 30-second radio spot would usually be expected to consist of approximately
  22. Which of the following web-based communications vehicles are appropriate for public relations practitioners to distribute content easily?
  23. When they use the Internet to communicate, practitioners can
  24. If public relations professionals expect to benefit from their website, they
  25. Which of the following is true in regards to texting?
  26. Public relations practitioners have found that Twitter can be
  27. Which of the following pertain to CEO blogs?
  28. Among the most essential steps in the public relations management process is
  29. PERT and Gantt are tools that can help public relations practitioners to
  30. Planning for a public relations program is important, but principally a program is assessed in terms of its