MKT 571 Week 3 Team Assignment, New Product Launch (Apple)


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MKT 571 Week 3 Team Assignment, New Product Launch (Apple)

This Week, team will be understanding and explaining some of the various phases of the product life-cycle. This communication is for the purpose of a product launch plan and will include a SWOT, definition of the product, description of the product, the reasons why the product needs to be introduced. In addition, this communication will also include the region the new launch will be in and an evaluation of the potential growth rate of the new product. This communication was compiled by a group of marketing experts.  The company and product for this communication will be Apple Inc. the product is the iPhone.

Apple Inc. is one of the biggest corporations not only in the United States but in the world. As any other company, they have their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. What we call the SWOT Analysis.…………………..Continued (14 Pages with References)

mkt 571 week 3mkt 571 week 3