MIS 589 Week 6 Quiz – Network Security with Answers


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MIS 589 Week 6 : Network Security – Test Your Knowledge Quiz

  1. (TCOE) Which of the following is not one of them ajor categories (or sub-categories)into which network security threats can be placed?(Points:1)
  2. (TCOE) An example of data would be if a computer virus eliminated files on that computer. (Points :1)
  3. (TCOE) A network switch failure is an example of a(n) threat.(Points:1)
  4. (TCOE) A assigns levels of risk to various threats to network security by comparing the nature of the threats to the controls designed to reduce them.(Points:1)
  5. (TCOE) A(n) ,is an information system that is critical to the survival of an organization. (Points :1)
  6. (TCOE) A(n) is any potential adverse occurrence that can do harm or interrupt the system using the network to cause monetary loss to the organization.(Points:1)
  7. (TCO E) Threat of intrusion comes from (Points : 1)
  8. (TCOE)A(n) is one of the most common examples of redundancy built in to a network to help reduce the impact of disruption.(Points:1)
  9. (TCOE)A(n) is a special type of virus that spreads itself without human intervention. (Points :1)
  10. (TCOE)A is a situation in which a hacker attempts to disrupt the network by sending messages to the network that prevent normal users’ messages from being processed.(Points: 1)
  11. (TCOE) Which of the following is not a method for deterring intrusion?(Points:1)
  12. (TCOE) Which of the following type of media is least susceptible to eavesdropping? (Points :1)
  13. (TCOE) Which of the following are usually the first choice fore a ves dropping?(Points: 1)
  14. (TCOE) A sniffer program is a(Points:1) type of macro-virus.
  15. (TCOE) is an encryption standard that uses a total of 168 bits as the key.(Points: 1)
  16. (TCOE)A is a router or special purpose computer that examines packets flowing into and out of a network and restricts access to the organization’s network.(Points:1)
  17. (TCO E) A security hole is a(n) mis 589 week 6 quiz
  18. (TCO E) IP spoofing means to (Points : 1)
  19. (TCOE)IP security protocol(Points:1) is focused on web applications.mis 589 week 6