MIS 589 Week 5 Quiz – Wide Area Networks and The Internet


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MIS 589 Week 5 – Wide Area Networks and The Internet-Test Your Knowledge Quiz

  1. (TCOC) are companies that build a data and telecommunications infrastructure from which other companies can lease services for WANs and MANs.(Points:1)
  2. (TCOC)A are devices that permit a user to connect to a digital T-carrier service. (Points :1)
  3. (TCOC) are dedicated digital circuits that are the most commonly used form of dedicated circuit services in North America today.(Points:1)
  4. (TCO C) OC-3072 has a data rate of (Points : 1)
  5. (TCO C) Which of the following is a primary advantage of a VPN? (Points : 1)
  6. (TCO C) The performance of WANs can be improved by (Points : 1)
  7. (TCO C) Dynamic routing (Points : 1)
  8. (TCOC) Which of the following is not a key issue to be considered when selecting a WAN service? (Points :1)
  9. (TCOC) Most IP services use as the data link layer protocol.(Points:1)
  10. (TCOD) At the top of the Internet structure are tier1 ,such as AT&T and Sprint. (Points :1)
  11. (TCOD) A is the place at which the ISP provides services to its customers.(Points: 1)
  12. (TCOD) A is used by ISPs to authenticate its customers.(Points:1)
  13. (TCOD) Technologies that provide higher speed communications than traditional modems(e.g.,DSL) are ….as technologies. (Points :1)
  14. (TCOD) Most WiMAX providers in the U.S.are using an effective data range of (Points: 1)
  15. (TCOD) A digital service offered by cable companies is the mis 589 week 5 quiz
  16. (TCOD) A(n) is use to connect a fiber optic cable from the cable TV company side to a coaxial cable on the customer side.(Points:1)
  17. 18. (TCO D) The closest the Internet has to an owning organization is the (Points : 1)
  18. (TCOD)The is a large open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, andre searchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and smooth operation of the Internet.(Points:1)
  19. (TCOD) Internet 2®is an organization of about universities, corporations, government agencies, and organizations.(Points:1)mis 589 week 5 quiz