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MGT 521 Final Exam – Free Download

  1. Which channel of communication is lowest in richness mgt 521 final exam ?
  2. Jessica needs to describe her vision for an important ad campaign to three of the new team members. What should Jessica do?
  3. Checking a book’s preface, reading a blurb found on a book jacket cover, and looking for thumbnail biographies at the beginning and end of a source of information are all part of
  4. When you write a paragraph based on _____________, the topic sentence should clearly summarize the range of evidence you use
  5. Which developmental method is useful for helping managers to understand their inner feelings and values?
  6. According to Yukl, the difference between exchange and collaboration as an influence tactic is
  7. Which condition is likely to encourage ethical behavior in organizations?
  8. Which statement about moral development of leaders is correct?
  9. Which of the following questions will help individuals and organizations when deciding if their decisions are ethical?
  10. Shelby recently started selling her invention: A bed that uses magnetic forces to appear as if it floats in mid-air. Shelby is
  11. Kenya recently quit a job with a large corporation to start her own business. While she realizes that her decision comes with risk, she is excited for the chance to be independent and by the challenges of running her own firm. Kenya is an example of
  12. An informal communication network is typically called a mgt 521 final exam
  13. Which of the following is a major role of business managers today in meeting the wants and needs of the company’s stakeholders?
  14. In performing a SWOT Analysis, which of the following would be considered as a threat?
  15. Bull’s-eye, a regional discount retailer, carefully watches and compares its operation with the operations of its closest rivals. This firm does
  16. Which of the following is a key step in the accounting cycle?
  17. A firm would use data mining if it wanted to
  18. Which of the following entails the greatest amount of risk?
  19. Free trade means
  20. Why does it make sense to trade with other nations?
  21. Which of the following is true about economies of scale?
  22. Which of the following correctly identifies the explanation behind the unity of command principle of management?
  23. For many years, Congressman Ricardo Perez has called for more government regulation of business. “After all,” the Congressman said recently, “business people are out to make a profit, not to create jobs or serve their customers. mgt 521 final exam The government must pass more laws to require businesses to take the interests of consumers and workers into account.” From these comments, it is clear that Congressman Perez
  24. Which of the following is a valid statement about contingent workers?
  25. As part of the HR planning process, the manager begins by assessing the current labor situation at his or her company. Essentially, this means
  26. During a recession, which of the following statements best describe how a business is affected?
  27. Which of the following is a challenge that is facing the human resource managers of today?
  28. A SWOT analysis is conducted and some of the details of the analysis include: many choices for customers, very customer oriented, and repeat customers. mgt 521 final exam These are all examples of which part of the SWOT analysis?
  29. Which of the following would be considered a strategy?
  30. Which of the following would be considered a tactic?