MGT 435 Week 5 Final Paper, Kotters 8 Step Approach


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MGT 435 Week 5 Final Assignment, Kotters 8 Step Approach (AT & T)

Many organizations go through changes and those changes can allow success or failure depending on how the organization interprets the change and executes a plan to update the process or implement the change. Sometimes an organization as big as AT&T formally Bell South they may have to enter an organizational change prepared for the process and the work it may take to get the business to the desired goal. Within an organization there are many factors that can cause the changes not to be as successful as they should be. When this happens the organization must know what way to go. How to handle those associates and leaders, or sometimes they have to determine………………Continued (11 Pages with References

MGT 435 Week 5 Final Paper, Kotter’s 8 Step Approach (JC Penny)

For organizations to survive in a changing environment, they need to adapt to new situations and processes. Organizational change is the transition from the current state to a new one that the organization needs in order to survive and grow (Pieterse et al, 2012). Organizational diagnosis is an important part of the change process. It is the first step, which is a special research that recommends options for change. Dr. John Kotter introduced a model of change. Which has eight key steps for diagnosis and implementation of change in an organization. This article uses Kotter’s model to diagnose the need for change in J.C. Penney Corporation and propose a plan to transform the……………………..Continued (11 Pages with References)

MGT 435 Week 5 Final Paper, Kotter’s 8 Step Approach (New World Recycling)

Where there is success there is also fall down to things, and with growing businesses there are a lot of market competitions. Many take chances in risky economy for new opportunity to succeed. Organizations are forced to change fast and drastically more than ever. The organizations we work in are changing dramatically in terms of their structures, systems, strategies, and boundaries along with their expectations of their staff and managers. New World Recycling, a San Diego based metal recycling company serving southern California. The company has utilized Kotter’s Eight Step process to make a difference………………Continued (8 Pages with References)mgt 435 week 5 final paper