MGT 435 Week 3 Quiz, 03 Sets



MGT 435 Week 3 Quiz 1

  1. Alan Mulally’s strategy to turn Ford around was known as the __________, which was characterized by the mantra __________.
  2. When aligning people with an organization’s vision, leaders should consider __________.
  3. According to the stakeholder matrix, if the stakeholder is … nonsupportive, which of the following strategies should be used?
  4. In Cummings and Worley’s five dimensions of leading and managing change model, identifying key stakeholders is as aspect of __________.
  5. For which company did Alan Mulally previously work that prepared him for implementing change at Ford?
  6. At which level does aligning the organization to a new vision begin?
  7. What is a company’s C-suite?
  8. Which is the first step of Warrick’s six-step change implementation process?
  9. All of the following elements are part of an organization’s vision EXCEPT __________.
  10. The role of a sponsor for large-scale, strategic organizational change is ……to __________.
MGT 435 Week 3 Quiz 2
  1. True or false?  The type of intervention that will be most effective is dependent upon the particular organizational dimensions.
  2. According to the “Stakeholder Matrix,” if the stakeholder is ……as “Non-Supportive,” which of the following strategies …….?
  3. When undertaking “stakeholder analysis” for preparing to manage the political dimensions of change, involving different individuals across the organization serves to make the process
  4. True or false?  The “Functional Hierarchy” organizational structure was most prevalent in the technological era (1960’s-1980’s)
  5. In “Assigned Change Leadership Roles & Relationships,” the sponsor is typically
  6. At which of the following levels does aligning the organization to a new vision begin?
  7. Which American motor company did CEO Alan Mulally join to implement major change in 2006?
  8. In “Assigned Change Leadership Roles & Relationships,” the executive team is typically made up of
  9. The highest position on both axes of the “Stakeholder Matrix” is ……by which of the following stakeholder types?
  10. HP’s Leo Apotheker’s bid to move the company entirely out of the PC business resulted in most stakeholders assuming which position on the “Stakeholder Matrix”?
MGT 435 Week 3 Quiz 3
  1. ____________ involves the creation of required knowledge and skills within an organization to enable the effective implementation of shifting strategies.
  2. ____________ deals with individuals who cannot or will not develop new competencies and behaviors.
  3. Before spending money and time on training, it is important to get the right people in the right jobs.
  4. In the textbook chapter, the approach … the Rolling Stones to recruit a new lead guitar player is best …
  5. In succession planning, focusing on fast track managers can be a problem because:
  6. Engagement, explanation and expectation clarity are 3 factors that contribute to:
  7. Which statement is correct in regards to the advantages of the “make” approach for changing human resources?
  8. ____________ is a widely shared perception that decisions are being made on the basis of valid criteria.
  9. People alignment is what step in Spector’s change model?
  10. Training can, under the right circumstances, help employees gain new behavioral competencies.mgt 435 week 3 quiz