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MGT 435 Week 3 Assignment, Organizational Change Paper

Sea Treasures is a small group of renowned retail store that specializes in sea life and high-end accessories for aquariums. The company has been in business for long, but it is experiencing slow sales, and a shrinking customer base. Consequently the company is …..with the issue of reducing the staff, and closing stores. Innovative and creative changes must be made quickly, to avoid the company from going out of business within a year. Creating an Internet………..

MGT 435 Week 3 Discussion 1, Tools of Organizational Change (Two Responses)

Select one of the following tools: the nine steps in Ackerman and Anderson’s roadmap for change, Cummings and Worley’s five dimensions of leading and managing change, or the three components of organizational change.  Explain how a leader could use this tool in guiding an organizational change.

MGT 435 Week 3 Discussion 2, Changes at the Top (Two Responses)

After reading the Forbes articles “Six Reasons Tim Cook Is Doing A Great Job As Apple’s CEO” and “All Excuses Aside, Apple’s Major Problem Is Tim Cook,” explain the impact you think the transition from Steve Jobs to Tim Cook has had on Apple’s primary stakeholder groups: customers, employees, and investors.  In what ways do you think Tim Cook’s leadership has changed Apple?

MGT 435 Week 3 Quiz (03 Sets – 30 Questions and Answers)mgt 435 week 3