MGT 435 Week 2 Discussion Question, Quiz – Entire


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MGT 435 Week 2 Discussion 1, Innovation (Two Responses)

View the Seth Godin video about innovation, Seth Godin: How to get your ideas to spread. Think of an innovative company and explain how its ability to adapt has enabled the organization to remain competitive in its industry.  Review several of your peers’ posts.  Discuss with at least two of your peers how these changes impacted employees or other organizational stakeholders.

MGT 435 Week 2 Discussion 2, Change Models (Two Responses)

Read the article, “Are You Managing Change Or Leading It?” Based on the information in the article, the author explains that change is inevitable. Which of the four things suggested to create a culture that is compatible with change do you believe is the most important and why? The author explained the importance of having a vision.  How have your past leaders shared their vision for change with you? What could they have done differently to be more proactive to change?

MGT 435 Week 2 Quiz (03 Sets – 30 Questions and Answers)mgt 435 week 2