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MGT 435 Week 1 Discussion 1, Examples of Organizational Change (Two Responses)

View the Social Media Revolution video. We have all watched organizations around us change in response to technology, legislation, consumer demand, and other factors.  Provide an example of an organization that has changed for the better and how this transition benefited its customers, employees, and investors.

MGT 435 Week 1 Discussion 2, Implementing Organizational Change

Response 1: Proactive Vs Reactive Changes

Response 2: Dunphy and Stace’s Four Levels of Change

Select one of the following approaches to understanding or implementing organizational change.  Summarize this approach and provide an example of how this information could be useful to an organization.  Review several of your peers’ posts.  Discuss any similar or opposing perspectives you have, with at least two of your peers.  Take care to be professional and polite even if your beliefs or viewpoints differ.

Proactive Vs Reactive Changes

MGT 435 Week 1 Quiz (03 Sets – 30 Questions and Answers)mgt 435 week 1