MGT 312 Week 2, Big Five Personality Types, Diversity and Personality


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MGT 312 Week 2 Individual Assignment, Big Five Personality Types

One’s personality may be driving one’s success or causing one’s reoccurring failures. Therefore, a critical step toward personal improvement is a deliberate focus on self-awareness. Intentionally identifying one’s personality types, Integrative Framework inputs, and associated strengths and weaknesses, using Self-Assessment tools such as the Big Five Personality, can empower one toward improved individual Integrative Framework outputs such as job performance and satisfaction. Furthermore, extending this knowledge to the organizational levels proactively between manager……..

MGT 312 Week 2 Team Assignment, Diversity and Personality at Work

Working with different types of personalities brings benefits to a work environment.  Having more than one type of personality of people to work with allows there to be a balance of strengths and weaknesses (Ylisela, 2018). People can use their skills to help enhance others around them.  Having different personalities is a great asset to any company because Type A personality want to have a plan, whereas in the event of emergency type b can go with the flow.  When employees can contribute their different perspectives, the company can become that much stronger………..

MGT 312 Week 2 Learning Team Weekly Summary