MGT 312 Week 1 Assignment, Organizational Behavior in the Workplace


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MGT 312 Week 1 Individual Assignment, Organizational Behavior in the Workplace

Knowledge and common sense are limited in their overall contribution to Decision-Making and Problem-Solving. Faulty common sense or intuitive thinking can result in unanticipated adverse outcomes. According to Kinicki & Fugate (2016), knowledge is not enough. (p.3) Knowing is not necessarily doing. To reduce faulty unproductive outcomes and to complete the Knowing-doing gap (Pfeiffer, Sutton, 2000), that is what people know and what they do, we need an additional aid. OB is the aid which helps lessen ineffective outcomes and fill this knowing-doing gap………

MGT 312 Week 1 Learning Team Weekly Summary

Businesses are built on relationships which are built on trust. Trust is a fluid and fragile condition between the organization and loyal customers, contractors or other businesses. Kinicki and Fugate (2016) said: “Unethical behavior also reduces cooperation, loyalty, and contribution, which of course hurts the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations” (p.13). Ethical conduct may be boiled down to decision-making. To avoid unethical behavior we may consider using OB to facilitate Decision……………