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MATH 302 Quiz 5 with Answers

Part 1 of 8

  1. A pharmaceutical company is testing the effectiveness of a new drug for lowering cholesterol. As part of this trial, they wish to determine whether there is a difference between the effectiveness for women and for men.  Assume ? = 0.05.  What is the test value?
  2. Multiple myeloma or blood plasma cancer is characterized by increased blood vessel formulation in the bone marrow that is a prognostic factor in survival. One treatment approach used for multiple myeloma is stem cell transplantation with the patient’s own stem cells. The following data represent the bone marrow microvessel density for a sample of 7 patients who had a complete response to a stem cell transplant as measured by blood and urine tests. Two measurements were taken: the first immediately prior to the stem cell transplant, and the second at the time of the complete response. 
  3. Some defendants in criminal proceedings plead guilty and are sentenced without a trial, whereas others who plead innocent are subsequently found guilty and then are sentenced. In recent years, legal scholars have speculated as to whether sentences of those who plead guilty differ in severity from sentences for those who plead innocent and are subsequently judged guilty. Consider the data given below on defendants accused of robbery, all of whom, by the way, had previous prison records. At the .01 level of significance, do these data suggest that the proportion of all defendants in these circumstances who plead guilty and are sent to prison differs from the proportion who are sent to prison after pleading innocent and being found guilty?
  4. In a simple linear regression analysis, the following sum of squares are produced:
  5. ____________ is/are especially helpful in identifying outliers.
  6. The standard error of the estimate, sest, is essentially the
  7. An agent for a residential real estate company in a large city would like to be able to predict the monthly rental cost of apartments based on the size of the apartment. Data for a sample of 25 apartments in a particular neighborhood are provided in the worksheet Apartments in the Excel workbook Apartments.xlsx. 
  8. The city of Oakdale wishes to see if there is a linear relationship between the temperature and the amount of electricity used (in kilowatts).   Based on the data in the table below, is there a significant linear relationship between temperature and the amount of electricity used? These data are also available in the worksheet temperature in the Excel workbook Temperature.xlsx.

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  1. A business major wants to determine whether the variation in advertising costs of hair salons is different from the variation in advertising costs of nail salons.  He surveys several businesses and finds the standard deviation in monthly advertising costs is $23 for 12 hair salons, and $43 for 8 nail salons. What is the test value for this hypothesis test?

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  1. A company has observed that there is a linear relationship between indirect labor expense (ILE) , in dollars, and direct labor hours (DLH). Data for direct labor hours and indirect labor expense for 18 months are given in the file ILE_and_DLH.xlsx. Treating ILE as the response variable, use regression to fit a straight line to all 18 data points. What values for the intercept (a)  and slope (b) do you obtain? Place your answers, rounded to 3 decimal places, in the blanks provided.  Do not use any stray punctuation marks.  For example, 34.567 would be a legitimate entry. 
  1. The marketing manager of a large supermarket chain would like to determine the effect of shelf space (in feet) on the weekly sales of international food (in hundreds of dollars). A random sample of 12 equal –sized stores is selected, with the following results:

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  1. Two teams of workers assemble automobile engines at a manufacturing plant in Michigan. A random sample of 145 assemblies from team 1 shows 15 unacceptable assemblies. A similar random sample of 125 assemblies from team 2 shows 8 unacceptable assemblies. If you are interested in determining if there is sufficient evidence to conclude, at the 10% significance level, that the two teams differ with respect to their proportions of unacceptable assemblies, what is the p-value associated with such a test of hypothesis? Place your answer, rounded to 4 decimal places, in the blank. For example, .0123 would be a legitimate entry. 0.2469
  1. Are America’s top chief executive officers (CEOs) really worth all that money? One way to answer this question is to look at the annual company percentage increase in revenue versus the CEO’s annual percentage salary increase in that same company. Suppose that a random sample of companies yielded the following data: percent change for corporation

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  1. A professor gives an exam for which there are two versions, A and B.  Each student in the class is given one randomly selected version of the exam.   After the exam, the professor wishes to determine if there is a difference in the level of difficulty of the two versions by determining if there is a significant difference in the mean scores.  Assume ? = 0.05.

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  1. The number of degrees of freedom associated with the t-test, when the data are gathered from a paired samples experiment with 12 pairs, is 24.
  2. In a simple linear regression problem, if the coefficient of determination is 0.95, this means that 95% of the variation in the explanatory variable X can be explained by regression.
  3. In a simple regression analysis, if the standard error of estimate sest = 15 and the number of observations n = 10, then the sum of the residuals squared must be 120.