JUS 635 Topic 7 Assignment, E-Discovery in the 21st Century, Discussion


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JUS 635 Topic 7 Assignment, E-Discovery in the 21st Century

In a 1,000-1,250-word essay, addressing the following issues pertaining to e-discovery:

  1. Describe what is e-discovery.
  2. Describe how a legal practitioner would create a successful e-discovery methodology.
  3. Predict how e-discovery will continue to evolve in the future.
  4. Utilize each of the following subheadings in your paper in the following order: Introduction, Defining E-Discovery, Successful E-Discovery Methodology, The Future of E-Discovery, Conclusion, and References.
  5. Provide four to five sources to support your claims.

JUS 635 Topic 7 Discussion 1

What is discovery? What are the limits of discovery and when can the legal researcher know that they have found sufficient information to terminate further research?

JUS 635 Topic 7 Discussion 2

Electronic discovery has introduced new challenges for the discovery of information. What are some methodologies that a good legal researcher should utilize in order to conduct electronic discovery?jus 635 topic 7