JUS 635 Topic 2 Benchmark, Statutes and Facts, Discussion Question


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JUS 635 Topic 2 Benchmark Assignment, Statutes and Facts

Read the following fact scenario and write an essay of 750 to 1,000 words that addresses the scenario: A new defense client, Susan Smith, has been accused by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) of violating A.R.S. §28-701(A), A.R.S. §28-855(B), and A.R.S. §28-1382. You have been ….with researching the statutes and relevant facts.

  1. Summarize what violations your client, Susan Smith, has been accused of.
  2. Address what sorts of facts may be relevant to determining whether your client was in violation of the law.
  3. Address-what defenses may be raised based upon the way the statute has been composed.
  4. Address how case law may be utilized in Ms. Smith’s case.
  5. Assess the short- and long-term effects a statute and case may have on the community.
  6. Describe the potential punishments that Ms. Smith may face if she is found in violation of the statutes.

JUS 635 Topic 2 Discussion 1

What is a statute? How is a statute created? For what purposes might a statute be ….? When would a statute be invalid? Give an example of when a statute would be invalid.

JUS 635 Topic 2 Discussion 2

What is the concept of legislative history? How can legislative history assist a legal researcher? What have been or are the limitations of legislative history research with regard to statutory interpretation?jus 635 topic 2