JUS 635 Topic 1 Assignment, Source of Law, Discussion Question


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JUS 635 Topic 1 Assignment, Sources of Law

Write an essay of 1,000 to 1,250 words that completes the following:

  1. Describe the major sources of law under the American system of jurisprudence,
  2. Describe how these different sources of law either complement or conflict with one another,
  3. Create a scenario about a client’s legal issue. Determine which law(s) might apply in this scenario to resolve your client’s issue. Would there be any possibility of conflicting laws? Explain the steps in your rationale.
  4. Use four to five peer-reviewed citations to support your claims.

JUS 635 Topic 1 Discussion 1

Not every case subject to review by a court is a case involving constitutional law. Why? How can a court determine when a case involves constitutional law? How can a legal researcher make that determination? Provide an example of the type of case that may involve a constitutional law issue.

JUS 635 Topic 1 Discussion 2

What are the relationships between different sources of law? How do we make a determination of when different sources of law may “supersede” one another? How can a legal researcher make such determinations? Which jurisdiction will actually try a case?jus 635 topic 1