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JUS 505 Week 7 Assignment, Cost Vs The Benefits of Continuing War on Drugs

Write an essay (500-750 words) that describes both sides of the debate on the costs versus the benefits of continuing the War on Drugs.

Consider the following in your essay:

  1. How can legalizing drugs reduce crime? Could legalizing drugs actually increase crime? Explain and support your answers.
  2. Research the Posse Comitatus Act. How is the use of military force in drug enforcement activities impacted by the Act?
  3. Explain if long prison terms for drug offenders can lead to increased criminal behavior or not. Support your conclusions.

JUS 505 Week 7 Discussion 1After watching The Politics of Addiction, answer the following questions: What part of the video did you agree with or disagree with most? Do you feel the War on Drugs is worth the costs? This video was filmed about 15 years ago. Do you feel the U.S. War on Drugs has improved since then? Support your conclusions

JUS 505 Week 7 Discussion 2Describe the War on Drugs. How, if at all, is continuing the War on Drugs a benefit to America? Support your claims. What would be the impact to the United States if illegal drugs were legalized? Support your answer with specific examples.jus 505 week 7