HSM 544 Week 5 Assignment, Case Study


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HSM 544 Week 5 Assignment, Case Study

My brother-in-law, Howard Hughes who is the Representative of the congress, lost his bid for re-election. Nevertheless, thanks to my efforts, he established himself while he was in Congress as an astute analyst of the health field. As a consequence, he has taken a position to partner up at the prestigious Atlanta investment firm of Keller, Keller, Keller, Keller, and Disher. I have decided to accept his offer and join him by taking up a managerial position, in the healthcare division.

The issue here now is that the other partners have little insight into healthcare field other than receiving care. My brother-in-law has been ….to give a presentation on the current status of the health sector and the opportunities for investment. H e is being knowledgeable in healthcare field, I am going to be writing for him,his responses……………Continued (06 Pages with References)

HSM 544 Week 5