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HSM 544 Final Exam – Major Tasks of Economics

  1. Identify the major tasks of economics and discuss why they are important. What are their roles in organization management?
  2. Identify and discuss the factors that influence the demand, in turn healthcare economics. What factor do you believe has the greatest impact on healthcare economics and why? 
  3. Discuss the role of all parties (patient, providers, and payers) to contain costs. Analyse the impact of cost-containment efforts on the rising cost of healthcare.
  4. What are the primary steps in a production function analysis? How would you apply these steps in a healthcare organization?
  5. Discuss the connection between redistribution and social insurance
  6. How does the role of non-profit healthcare organizations differ from profit healthcare organizations?
  7. Discuss the concept of managed care. Why was it created? What were its goals? Have these goals changed? Has it worked? How it can be improved? Pick one of the previous questions for your initial post; all of them will be discuss throughout the week.

HSM 544 Final Exam