HSM 542 Week 2, You Decide


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HSM 542 Week 2, You Decide (Identification, Information, Communication, Decision)

The concern of Mrs. Margie Whitson has been strongly expressed and brought to the attention of the Marion General Hospital (MGH). The patient ….for her pacemaker to be ….as it is prolonging her dying process. The pacemaker is the equipment that has been keeping her alive for two years now. Hence, her doctor, Dr. Rana Vijay, strongly disagrees with Mrs. Whitson’s request. However, the basis of Dr. Vijay’s argument are the three legs of ethics: “(1) philosophical ethics, which involves inquiry about ways of life and rules of conduct; (2) a general pattern or “way of life,”; and (3) a set of rules of conduct or “moral code,” which involves professional ethics and unethical behavior” (Pozgar 2010, p. 367). This is definitely evident………….Continued (05 Pages with References)

HSM 542 Week 2