HSM 438 Week 2 Discussion Question 1 and 2


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HSM 438 Week 2 Discussion 1, Hacker Subculture

Describe what is meant by the “hacker subculture” and identify at least one value that drives the hacker subculture. Read the transcript for Hacking Into an Ordinary Home Computer and The Most Under reported Hacking Attacks, video excerpts from the Front-line episode, “Hackers,” and read the interviews found at the website Frontline: “Hackers: Who Are Hackers?” to help formulate your opinions. Do you think this hacker value system can ultimately be …..to disrupt and deter hackers in the future?

HSM 438 Week 2 Discussion 2, Denial-of-Service Attack

Describe what is ….by a “Denial-of-Service” attack. Do you believe that denial-of-service attacks could realistically be ….as part of a cyber-terrorism or cyber warfare campaign? Is there any evidence of this technique being ….successfully by nation-states as part of warfare?hsm 438 week 2

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