HSM 311 Week 4 Assignment, Is Terrorism Justified, Discussions


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HSM 311 Week 4 Assignment, Is Terrorism Justified

Terrorism can never be truly justified as terrorists find it morally satisfying to attack innocent people who do not believe in their religious ways of life. The boundaries whether or not terrorism is a biased term created by governments. And if the use of ‘terrorism’ is simply ‘war by other means ‘depends on the impact of terrorism itself. Using the tenets of Just War Theory and cross-examining the justification of targeting American civilians through the tenet of distinction as Al-Qaeda has declared America to be the enemy, will never be justified regardless of the era we live in, and is not a means to delegitimize those with little power……….Continued (04 Pages with References) 

HSM 311 Week 4 Discussion 1, Waterboarding

U.S. policy states that “the use of torture is illegal”. There is a known terrorist mastermind in U.S. custody who is unwilling to divulge his wealth of information. Top CIA officials support the clandestine use of waterboarding to elicit his information that is …..could help thwart an imminent terrorist attack. Give an ethical argument for and against the use of waterboarding on this subject

HSM 311 Week 4 Discussion 2, Justifying Terrorism

Is terrorism simply “the poor man’s” use of force?  If nations can justify war, can non-state actors?  Using Just War Theory, give a justification for and against the use of terrorism through the lens of Hezbollah.hsm 311 week 4

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