HSM 311 Week 3 Assignment, Final Research Paper Outline, Discussion


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HSM 311 Week 3 Assignment, Final Research Paper Outline – The Patriot Act

  • Thesis
  • Main Point 1: Analyze the ethical implications of the Patriot Act
  • Main-Point 2: Analyze the ethical implications from the official Government perspective of Homeland Security.
  • Main Point 3: Analyze the topic, drawing on the stated ethical and Homeland Security implications, justifying/not justifying its use through the Just War Theory (this should be as objective as possible—it is not an opinion piece).
  • Conclusion: Present final conclusions based on the analysis of the chosen topic from various perspectives and the tenant of Just War Theory.

HSM 311 Week 3 Discussion 1, Ethics and the United Nations

What ethical theories studied in this course could justify the United Nations as an ethical organization? Do you believe that the U.N. is ethical in theory and in practice (or neither)?

HSM 311 Week 3 Discussion 2, Humanitarian Warfare

Briefly analyze Just War Theory and its application to humanitarian intervention. Was the U.S. use of force in Somalia in 1993 justified morally?hsm 311 week 3