HSM 311 Week 2 Assignment, Just War Theory, Discussion 1and 2


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HSM 311 Week 2 Assignment, Just War Theory

These four tenets provide an ethical/moral justification for the use of force because it protects the nation for an unjust cause of war. There has to be reason before a nation willingly attacks another and from recent U.S. history specifically the attack of 9/11, America had solid grounds to seek justice for the devastating loss of 3000 lives. There are rules but the enemy does not always follow the rules of law or the laws of engagement. Cicero’s tenets acts as a guideline before engaging with the enemy; there must be reason and cause and war must be declared by proper authority…………..Continued (04 Pages with References)

HSM 311 Week 2 Discussion 1, Last Resort

Do you think negotiating a peace with the Taliban and al-Qaeda have been more ethical than invading Afghanistan one month after the U.S. was …..on 9/11?

HSM 311 Week 2 Discussion 2, The Relatively of Just War Theory

Provide a comprehensive answer using your reading, knowledge and experience for this Discussion Question. Does Just War Theory truly justify the triumph of good over evil, or is it simply a justification for the use of force relative to the side one is on? Apply three Just War tenets to the United States and those same Just war tenets to the al-Qaeda. Explain if the war on terrorism is absolutely just to one side, or if it is just relative to the side one is on.hsm 311 week 2

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