HSM 305 Week 1 Assignment, Discussion Question – Complete


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HSM 305 Week 1 Assignment, A Comparative Study of Extreme Islamic Terrorist Groups

Terrorist Organizations exist everywhere globally, not just in America. Based on the attacks of 9/11 Al-Qaeda was responsible for killing 3000 lives. Attacks significant like these takes years of strategic planning. Every counter measure defense system placed by our governments, somewhere, somehow terrorist’s organizations wreak havoc. While there attacks are small – it’s all killings based on the negative influence of Muslim religion. They are beginning to be shunned from society which makes it difficult for actual/true followers to practice their religion and worship in the open without being ridiculed. Author Brown (2015) states that “some young people are ….to ISIS because it is out of belief that it is creating what God intended for Muslims”. Religion is ….as an escape to justify the wrongs into the rights………..  

HSM 305 Week 1 Discussion Question 1, Strategic Goals

Identify the five strategic goals of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and discuss their relative importance. Which goals are the most significant and why? Support your response with your readings from Chapter 4 and the Homeland Security strategic plan.

HSM 305 Week 1 Discussion Question 2, Homeland Security Organization

Discuss the issue of the inclusion of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) during the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Would you have allowed it to remain an independent agency reporting directly to the President? Support your assertion with references to your readings and research.

HSM 305 Week 1 Quiz (Questions and Answers)hsm 305 week 1