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HRMG 4202 Week 6 Final Exam – Human Resource Dev and Change

  1. In order to not be charged with unfair discrimination when promoting someone you need to be sure you provided the opportunity for all qualified to get relevant training.
  2. This approach uses simulations and feedback from observers to provide trainees with ways of interacting more effectively with others. It is an approach that makes managers more aware of how their behavior influences the way that others perceive them and react to them.
  3. Diversity in the workforce creates tension.
  4. Having provided sexual harassment training can help a company win harassment lawsuits.
  5. Which of the following categories should be included in a reaction questionnaire?
  6. You must always have a pretest to compare your post-test to in a well-designed evaluation
  7. If the training was designed to teach trainees how to use the new forms that were developed by Human Resources, you can expect this to measure this transfer of training:
  8. The program designed to develop six motivational states in managers is called:
  9. Effective orientations are successful in:
  10. Those high in nAch are characterized by a strong desire to assume personal responsibility, receive concrete feedback on task performance, and a single-minded preoccupation with task and task accomplishment.
  11. Using paired comparison method is one way to assess knowledge.
  12. According to the text, the knowledge component of an effective trainer’s KSAs is comprised of all but which of the following?
  13. Which of the following are reasons usually given by managers for not evaluating training?
  14. Training was developed to improve productivity. When assessing training’s influence on trainees at the organizational results level, which of the following would be the most appropriate thing to focus your attention on?
  15. Maturation refers to the events other than training that take place concurrently with the training program.
  16. High nPow (institutional) is a focus on personal goals.
  17. Which of the following statements about sexual harassment training is not true?
  18. Some of the issues an orientation should cover are: (HRMG 4202 final)
  19. A is the “first test” of new material designed to be in a training program.
  20. Which of the following times is best for providing the opportunity to complete a reaction questionnaire?
  21. Which of the following statements regarding OJT trainers is true?
  22. There is a special chapter on management development because:
  23. What are the inputs into the evaluation phase of training?
  24. Facts about things such as the rules for making an arrest are known as knowledge.
  25. The optimum length of an orientation:

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